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Perfect Small Processing Trays

December 13, 2011


Glad brand food storage containers must have been designed with film development in mind. The plastic is soft and smooth. The bottom has a channel that keeps the film from glomming to the bottom and makes handling easy. The lids seal tight with a nice air-expelling, smell-excluding snap. They stack. They're cheap. You can have separate containers for working with a number of different developers in a session. They are very frugal with chemistry use.


The square ones are ideal for 4"x5" plates and film. The smaller 'soup & salad' ones are perfect for Baby negatives. I line up a dozen to include passive/still diffusion washing in my processing protocol. I just wish they came bigger!

(Note: the generic store brand alongside Glad at my market has a scratchy bottom. In my opinion, Glad brand isn't enough more expensive to risk damaging film.)

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