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Making Photographic Emulsions, by H.W. Greenwood, 1941

December 22, 2011

One more excellent article for a little Christmas vacation reading. "Making Photographic Emulsions" takes us back to my favorite time in photographic history. It was a time of great energy and a can-do spirit I envy. Kodak, Ilford, and others were turning out extraordinary products, yet many photographers still wanted to have their hands in things, and the chemistry and engineering even at the factories was still at a level that seemed approachable by a skilled amateur.

The pdf for this article is brought to us by Ian Grant. It is much more readable than my scans of library photocopies! Ian has a great store of information that we will be getting out bit by bit.


H. W. Greenwood, "Making Photographic Emulsions," Brit. J. Phot. Almanac, 1941, pp.94-102.
Download the PDF here.

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